Tuesday, August 17, 2010

You are...

You are strangely beautiful,

Like a pearl necklace

Waiting to be worn and appreciated

You are that pure morning dew

That sits calmly on a dainty violet

The crystalline droplet

That add richness to earth’s dryness

You are every man’s wish

The reason they all stop

To catch a second glimpse

You are a Tulip

As far as the eyes can see

The exquisite July-flower,

That put smiles on lover's face

You are unusual,

Like a shooting star

That drops elegantly into my view

At night time

Myriads of stars in the night skies

But you are what I call E PLURIBUS UNUM

Written by: Abiodun Oketunji.


  1. Got this from a dear friend yesterday, was just too lovely had to share. Thanks finbarrs, much love!

  2. You're welcome Lotana and I'm glad that you like it. :) xx

  3. come here from Malaysia